Malaysia has become one of the popular countries of the world in just past decade with its booming tourism and economy. With its capital Kuala Lumpur, this country is located in the south-eastern part of Asia. It is an Islamic state with 61% of the Muslim population along with Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Chinese folk religion living together. Malaysia is well known for its cleanliness, tourism, natural beauty, and tall, impressive buildings. Malaysia is also quite famous for its law and order that is why many people want to live, study and work here.

Apart from this, since Malaysia is an Islamic state, many Muslims across the globe prefer to live here to lead a better and prosper life. That is why many job opportunities and educational admissions are opened each year for the foreign nationals and students.

Do you want to study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is an educational hub in Asia and many students each year apply in top universities in Malaysia. Apart from just students many international students including Pakistani students also apply for scholarship Malaysia to get the quality education on merit base. There are many international Islamic University Malaysia and scholarships for international students which encourage many students across the globe to apply to study in Malaysia.

Malaysia not only provides top class education but also they hire top teachers from the world to teach professional degrees to the students and help them study abroad. That is why educational degrees are considered all around the world and adds additional value to your resume. Therefore if you are looking to get enrolled with the best universities in Malaysia, we are here to help you!

FM consultants, Malaysia Study abroad consultants:

When it comes to studying abroad especially in international universities around the world including Malaysia, FM consultants are your best guide to not only help you get the admissions but also Malaysia student visa and study abroad scholarships. That is why if you dream to study in Malaysia, contact FM consultants and get your case access.

We are the top educational consultants of Pakistan, and we provide complete services according to a student’s demand. First of all, we have a face it faces meeting or an online conversation with the client and completely accesses their educational and other documents. After that, we have a conversation about their plans, target countries and universities and what they want to persuade as a career in future. Then we make a customized plan to study abroad, listing down the top universities and programs as well as any scholarship they can apply for. We also help our students to pass IELTS by providing tuitions if required.

List of top Malaysian universities:

If our students want to apply for Malaysia we also provide a list of universities in Malaysia, here are some to choose from:

  • national university of Malaysia
  • university of Kuala Lumpur
  • Taylor University Malaysia
  • university technology Malaysia
  • university of Science Malaysia
  • Curtin University Malaysia
  • monash university Malaysia
  • university of Nottingham Malaysia
  • international Islamic University Malaysia
  • monash Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific University
  • monash university
  • lamar university
  • swinburne university Malaysia
  • limkokwing university
  • university Teknologi Malaysia
  • university of Nottingham Malaysia campus
  • EMGs Malaysia

Universities in Malaysia



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